I'm Federico, a guy on a vintage motorcycle, with an international and interdisciplinary experience in design, currently practicing in the field of show production management.

I like to challenge complexity and design products and services with pragmatical applications on multiple areas of interest, by understanding how things work and deconstructing processes, to highlight their potential.

I also like to create relationships between people, to make them laugh and entertain them, to deliver fun and good mood.


— Product Service System Design M.Sc., Politecnico di Milano.
— Industrial and Strategic Design, Aalto University, Helsinki.

— Communication Design B.Sc., Politecnico di Milano.
— Integrated Design, Köln International School of Design, Köln.


I’m passionate in arts, show design and entertainment technologies (sound, video, lights), radio and TV broadcasting, cafeteria and (not last) pasta and pizza making. I like people, but not crowds. I have fun pretending to be a singer and musician, as well as runner and cyclist.

I reply to kindly-written emails sent to: mail [at] wilmo [dot] it.
I have no social profiles or public accounts on any website different from this one.

PS: when I grow up, I want to be like Rocco Tanica